OfficeUS + KCHUNG Radio Broadcast

Burj Khalifa

OfficeUS recently developed a one hour radio broadcast from Venice, Italy to Venice, California on KCHUNG radio 1630am in association with their participation in the Made in L.A., Hammer Museum’s Los Angeles Biennial exhibition. The partners collaborated on the recording and editing of a piece which originally aired Tuesday, June 17th, 2014 at 8pm.

The program explored the relationship between architectural exports and radio broadcasting. Documenting, among other things, the nature of the musical export as a form of cultural transmission through a collection of original mixes overlaying parallel Venices, the strange alignment of architectural and surveillance grids in SOM’s 1968 US Chancellery Building in Moscow, the recent history “vanity height” radio antennae atop contemporary supertall towers and the mysterious story of Lev Theremin and his parallel contribution to espionage bugs and electronic music.

In addition to these original pieces, the broadcast also featured an interview with Peter Zellner of AECOM Los Angeles, which explored the formation of contemporary best practices.

OfficeUS is extremely grateful to KCHUNG Radio, Peter Zellner and J. LaLonde for their contributions to this project. Click the link below to hear the full broadcast!


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