OfficeUS to lead a workshop at W.A.Ve. 2014

Workshop W.A.Ve. at IUAV, Venice, Italy, 30/06 – 17/06


OfficeUS, a global architecture practice dedicated to the investigation of global histories while mapping aspirations for the future, will teach its first architecture studio on Reprogramming within the context of Porto Marghera at the W.A.Ve. 2014 summer workshop. The workshop is part of the work developed within OfficeUS with its current headquarters at the US Pavilion at the 2014 Venice Architecture Biennale.

The first studio to be taught by OfficeUS will be lead by one of the founders of OfficeUS, Eva Franch i Gilabert (Architect and Director of Storefront for Art and Architecture in New York), and the 6 partners of OfficeUS: Arielle Assouline-Lichten, Cooking Sections: Daniel Fernández Pascual & Alon Schwabe, Curtis Roth, Manuel Shvartzberg Carrió, Matteo Ghidoni, and M-A-U-S-E-R: Mona Mahall & Asli Serbest, working in collaboration with outpost offices and an ever-changing cast of visiting experts.

The studio will run as an office with 7 scales of conceptual operation and 7 scales of action from global to material scales and from political to humorous frameworks of inquiry.

The workshop will become a functioning part of OfficeUS working in conjunction with seven of the different departments of the office (Department of Constraints and Impossibilities, Department of Meta, Department of Information and Agency, Department for Food Affairs, Department of the Critical Real, Department of Jokes and Lines, Labor Department) and seven scales of action Global, International, National, Territorial, Urban, Objectual and Material.

The three weeks will consist in a projective archaeology with the production of a global history and atlas of harbor areas around the globe that have undergone radical transformations. This will be done by identifying the material, physical, social, political and economic forms, programs and figures involved in the transformation of these areas. The outcome of the workshop will culminate with a new vision for the reprogramming of Marghera to be implemented and presented through different mediums around Venice and the Globe.

OfficeUS Students will be able to engage the projects documented in the US Pavilion and collected within the studio revisiting their premises and conclusions jointly with the OfficeUS Partners.

OfficeUS is a growing, open structure that brings together collective aspirations and expertise to constitute new conversations, new concerns, and a new politically engaged architectural culture—a new form and format of an architectural us.

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