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Partners Meeting Report

The Partner’s meeting Wednesday June 11th had all Founding members of OfficeUS present, as well as 5/6 of the Partners in attendance, thereby forming the necessary quorum for any projects, decisions and operations to be approved. The members were pleased to hear about positive earnings this quarter, with a 100.02% remaining budget for the term. Projected income sources reflect current market trends and aspirations.


Working Summit

After a successful opening with three days of informative, thought provoking, and entertaining talks with an incredible list of participants, we are ready to begin work. We would first like to say Thank You to all of those who came to engage us in discourse as we launch OfficeUS!


Fundamentals of Architectural Work


  How are we to understand labor in architecture, again, today?   “Again?” While this question causes neoliberals to shiver––labor talk stifles “innovation,” they say––more and more architects (mainly young and even younger ones) appear to be placing this question at the center of their discourses and, no pun intended, their work. For the conventional protocols and procedures that script how we make architecture, a discipline connected to a massive infrastructure of capital, development, histories, and cultural conditions, seem dated and stiff––the kind of stiffness that comes with the quaint idiosyncrasies of a gentlemen’s profession.   This “stiffness” could be said to have two visible poles. On one side, there are those who peddle the currency of purity, in its various


Outpost Architects | Call for Applications

OfficeUS is inviting 90 architects worldwide to participate in the activities of a global architectural office. Members contribute their voices, expertise and skills to OfficeUS on a regular basis at a level of engagement they specify–from full time to a few hours a week. OfficeUS is an architecture collective that aims to redefine the terms of design and production of architecture on the global scale. Participation in OfficeUS is an act of architectural generosity towards the production of ideas and projects beyond current social, economical, pedagogical and disciplinary constraints. Eligible applicants are highly skilled, speculative and visionary architects. Applicants must have a professional degree in architecture or a demonstrated ability within the field of architecture, design, urban planning, engineering and/or

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