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University of Bad Ideas — Concepts for the Future of Architectural Education


Now that the end of history has officially come to an end, we turn our attention to planning for a future that will always defy our expectations. Not that there will be no future, but that it will be a disintegrated collection of futures, futures that will have changed the way we experience places and events. Although we are architects, we choose not to ask what these places and events might be. Instead, we are choosing to investigate the present-day spaces in which these futures are currently being formulated: the architectural university. We propose to turn the Oslo Architectural Triennale into a period for the production of alternative educational experiments, a period of public debate over new approaches to architectural

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8 statements on the US Pavilion: a crypto-materialist treatise — for Volume Magazine


Starting from the research on the physical alterations that the pavilion has undergone as a result of its continual changing of hands since 1930, the treatise attempts to project a future life of the privately owned pavilion through a scenario in which the pavilion is disassembled and sold through a crowd-sourced financial model. This alternative life of the US pavilion would reconstitute the pavilion wherever two or more pieces are collected together, leading to an entirely unforeseeable collection of architectural assemblages testifying to the altered economic state of the United States’ national representation in Venice. Text and Images for Volume #41: How to Build a Nation, Page 62—67 images: Future crowd-sourced U.S. pavilions     - 4. The United States is

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Standard Working Dinner

The office has moved to the table. Business lunches and working dinners have collapsed eating and drinking with work, or better: they have turned eating and drinking into labor. This is part of an obvious shift to a functional organization of life in which the difference between work and recreation is being dissolved. Through company outings, team building exercises, institutionalized play and the like, life becomes work, and should therefore be observed through the lens of labor science, not life science any longer. Of course, labor science has existed since the late 19th century and can, up until today, be described as a work on work through processes of observation and objectification. In this sense, it has attempted to measure the human

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Guggenheim Cruises

OFFICEUS CHRISTENS THE FIRST FLOATING GUGGENHEIM MUSEUM-FREEPORT TO CONNECT HELSINKI WITH TALLINN AND ST. PETERSBURG Committed to far-reaching cultural, educational, and economic benefits for the Gulf of Finland Growth Triangle, the design of the traveling museum supports the cities of Helsinki, Tallinn and St. Petersburg and establishes a new metropolitan region which operates beyond the existing national borders. Guggenheim Cruises operates as a freeport art storage facility at the same time as a museum. With a capacity of up to 5,000 travellers, collectors, and art handlers, the Museum-Freeport cruise ship allows visitors to experience art in a new form. With special performance spaces, outdoor sculpture decks and humidity-controlled storage galleries, Guggenheim Cruises allows ways of participation and engagement as never


OfficeUS Mix n°8

Listen to the OfficeUS Mix for Global Citizenship + Cargo Cult by Palm Jockey.  

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Office Mix

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OfficeUS Interview with Peter Zellner

On 16 June 2014, as part of our special program for “Bodies and Architecture” at KCHUNG radio, I sat down with Peter Zellner to discuss a range of issues we are grappling with at OfficeUS… The resulting conversation turned out to be full of provocative ideas and proposals for how architecture can be thought and practiced today. Here’s the transcript of this thoroughly anti-nostalgic and anti-heroic talk: surely a sign of promise for the profession.     MS: I’m sitting in a small, very functional meeting room, at the headquarters of AECOM in Los Angeles where I just had a short but very intense tour with Peter Zellner, the Principal and Studio Design Leader for AECOM Southern California. Peter Zellner, who I know for a

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We’ve just announced the Outpost Offices who will be contributing to the project for the next 6 months. Check out the Team section of the site to see who they are.


Venice >> Venice: OfficeUS + KCHUNG

Los Angeles friends! Tune in to a special OfficeUS radio broadcast from Venice, Italy to Venice California. Tuesday, June 17th at 8pm on KCHUNG radio, 1630am. Featuring: New mixes from Palm Jockey, Grids in Grids in Grids, Vanity Egg cooking tips, and The Thing Inside performed by J. Lalonde. Plus, a guest appearance by Peter Zellner of AECOM. Stream it live at:


IUAV Workshop

We visited the IUAV campus yesterday to discuss the workshop we are co-teaching with Eva Franch i Gilabert, director of the Storefront For Art and Architecture and one of the US Pavilion curators. The workshop will look at the Re-Programming of Porto Marghera, an industrial zone of Venice. OfficeUS Partners will work with the students to develop their projects over the three week course as one of 28 annual design workshops of W.A.Ve. Check back for more details.