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OfficeUS 25 Issues Talks

  All talks moderated by OfficeUS Curators & Partners   FRIDAY JUNE 6th   12-1pm Ex-Im Bernard Tschumi Mark Wigley Brett Steele Sarah Whiting Richard Armstrong Jonathan Solomon Nader Tehrani   1-2pm Best Practices & Around the Clock Sylvia Lavin Juan Herreros Beatriz Colomina James Von Kemplerer   2-3pm Crude Ideals Hamed Khosravi Todd Reisz Ivan Rupnik Reinhold Martin   3-4pm Trojan Horses & Little Americas Peter Zellner Keller Easterling Mimi Zeiger Sanford Kwinter   4-5pm Labor LEED & The Invisibles Erin Rae Hoffer Mabel Wilson Alejandro Zaera Branden Mc Girick   5-6pm Reprogramming & Bullets without Ideology Jorge Otero Pailos Liz Diller Michael Hays   SATURDAY JUNE 7TH 3-4pm Global Citizenship & Cargo Cult Erica Stoller Iwan Baan Marco Sossa


OfficeUS Bites

SKY PLATES Opening Dinner, June 4 2014, Venice   After adapting in-flight meals to feed soldiers on transatlantic flights, Maxson patented the Maxson’s Sky Plate for civilian use in 1945. From Minute Maid orange juice to TV dinners, pre-packaged food promoted a modern, efficient kitchen, liberating the cook from hours of supposed drudgery. Financially profitable, these long-shelf life foods launched the age of Intercontinental Comfort. *** Fuel-Saving Salad In the late 1980s, American Airlines eliminated one olive from their in-flight menu, thereby saving up to $500,000 a year. In-flight meals, a primary contributor to airline waste, environmentally commensurate with jet fuel. Today, the average passenger produces 1.3 pounds of refuse per flight hence, reducing the weight and waste of on-board